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MusicTech Dual Link
Musictech Accordions
New MIDI with solid state contact system, Bellows Dynamic Expression, Velocity, After Touch and LCD TFT 3,5" Touch Screen colour display. 
The Dual Link Digital Box is Digital Accordion with 150 incorporated instrument sounds. 100 Performances are programmable and can be transferred to and from a USB stick. 
Midi File and MP3 readers, USB Out for PC connection and an extraordinary possibility of sound combinations, completely programmable
MusicTech Digital 50
Musictech Accordions
Extra light reedless accordion with piano or chromatic keyboard. Only 11 lbs (5 Kg).

- All the accordion component parts made entirely in Castelfidardo.
- There are 75 different Preset Performances all using digitally sampled sounds, 25 are accordions. Another 25 performances contain Strings, Choirs, Organs, Guitars, Brass, etc., and a further 25 Professional Gig Sounds are arranged in groups and programmed with right hand and left hand dynamics.
- All the presets can be re-programmed by the user to satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding musician.
- Dynamic Bellows Expression control.
- Transposer function.
- Control of external sound modules by means of the Midi Out of the Midi system.
- 2 headphone sockets.
MusicTech Digital 50c
Musictech Accordions
MusicTech Digital 50A
Musictech Accordions
Same as the Music Maker Digital 50 but with the addition of an internal amplification system.

- Power can be from a battery with belt clip or from the power supply. 
- Input external audio devices (MP3 player, iPhone etc.)
- Line Output jack ( for connection to an amplifier or mixer). 
- Headphone output jack.
- Output power of the integrated amplifier is 8 + 8 W RMS
MusicTech Digital 50Ac
Musictech Accordions
MusicTech Digital 50 Wireless
MusicTech Digital 50 Wireless
Same as the Music Maker Digital 50 but with the addition of the TRX Radio MIDI system.

- Range: 100 metres (approx.) 
- Power by rechargeable batteries with belt clip.
- Battery charger included.
MusicTech Digital 50c Wireless
MusicTech Digital 50 Wireless
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